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Shari Braendel, Susan Seay


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Discover the key ingredients for authentic beauty. This is THE place where inner and outer beauty meet.

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It’s Never Been Easier to Look So Good

Prepare to be equipped with tools you need to become your own personal stylist.

This will save you:

Time. Stop wasting time looking at every single item hoping to find something that works. Instead you will know exactly what you are looking for. You will be able to instantly recognize when something is perfect for you and when it simply doesn’t work, AND you will know why.

Money. No more buying stuff just because it’s on sale. Buh- bye to wasted money spent on clothes that just hang in the closet. Your hard earned dollars will provide you with the dream wardrobe you want and deserve.

Sanity. In the end you want to enjoy shopping and enjoy the dressing room, not dread it. Once you know what to look for and you know how to put things together, you will be free to enjoy shopping.


Through this self-paced online class you will learn in detail exactly what you need to start looking good and feeling great.


Discover your own style personality

Learn how to S.H.O.P.- Shop Happily on Purpose

Learn the basic parts of every wardrobe

What To Expect

Shari Braendel, Susan Seay

Shari Braendel - The resident fashion expert will break down the basics every woman needs to look her best!

Susan Seay - The faith and inner beauty expert. I will share the basics to cultivate beauty from the inside out!

Experience the place where inner and outer beauty meet.

It’s a place of freedom and celebration.

And you, my friend, are invited.


FMFO course $199

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